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   History of Boston Common Hotel & Conference Center

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Built in 1925, The Boston Common Hotel & Conference Center started out as the Club House for the University Club of Boston. The opening was on November 14, 1926. The design of the Club House is in the Adams style with an exterior of limestone and Harvard brick.

When entering the building, there was a barbershop to the left, a coatroom on the right and around the corner were the elevators, office, telephone rooms, office of the Manager and ladiesí cocktail lounge. To the left of the stairs leading to the second floor was the entrance to the menís locker room and bowling alleys. Behind the stairs was the entrance to the gallery of the swimming pool.

The double stairway to the second floor was of marble with finely hand-wrought iron balustrades with bronze handrails. They led to a large elliptical lobby on the second floor with a 20 foot ceiling. There was red marble from Spain, black marble from Belgium, black and gold marble from Italy and pink marble from Minnesota, along with other marble from France, Tennessee and Colorado.

Off this main lobby were the lounge and dining room. The lounge was 40 feet wide by 80 feet long fitted with every comfort. The dining room, with a capacity of 250 people, was 35 feet by 80 feet.

The third floor consisted of the 40 by 80 foot library, billiard room with 10 tables and 5 card rooms along with the Grill room and bar. The fourth floor contained the ladiesí dining room and private dining rooms with the remaining floors comprised of guest rooms.

The Club House was eventually sold on August 1, 1962 to the Chandler School for Women, due to the culmination of the Depression, high taxes, loss of room revenue, gasoline rationing and a loss of 700 members to the armed services.

In June of 1971, the Chandler School for Women resold the building to the John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company.

The John Hancock Institute opened in June of 1972 and was used to house and train new John Hancock insurance agents. The building was closed for renovations from January 1986 to September 1986, after which the John Hancock Conference Center was open to the public for both for meeting space and guest rooms. In December of 2011 the hotel was sold and became the Boston Common Hotel & Conference Center.


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